Are you "stressed for success"?

Failure is never the goal. Yet we miss deadlines, don't make quotas, and can't seem to live up to our own expectations -- at work, at home, even at play.

At work, you're a professional with years of experience. But lately, you can't seem to get your work done to your satisfaction... or your boss's. And you're taking your stress home with you.

At play, you're on the course or on the field to enjoy the game, but because of your frustration with your own performance, it just isn't fun any more.

You're "stressed for success," burdened by:

  • Worries about meeting quotas, and you're not closing like you know you can.
  • New duties at work -- in addition to all of your current responsibilities -- without additional help or compensation.
  • Poor performance on the course. Now, one bad putt and your whole game is shot.

Stress is like a "Catch-22"; the more you let stress affect you, the more stressed and tense you become. And when you're stressed and anxious, you can't achieve your personal best in anything you do.

There are effective, proven ways to break the cycle of stress, and they all start with a call to Wendy Freitag, Ph.D.

I'm a psychologist with extensive experience in personal performance enhancement, mental skills training, and stress management. I can teach you how to change your way of thinking, coaching you on how to make the emotions you feel in stressful situations work for you, not against you.

It's all about focusing your energies to achieve your personal best. And I use a wide range of "tools" to accomplish this goal, including:

  • Pursue Excellence, a personal coaching program that will help you identify your true goals and objectives and provide you with your own road map to success.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR. This teaches you how to change your emotional reaction to a negative experience. When you are faced with a similar incident -- like when your boss calls you into his office to discuss a problem -- you'll be able to cope, without the "reflex" reaction of stress.
  • Training to tame your fear. Once you understand the cause of your fear, you'll understand how to put fear into control, move past it, and achieve your goals.
  • Personal excellence programs to show you how to maximize your natural abilities on the job, and on the course or field.
  • Teaching you how to "turn on" your personal power and enjoy renewed self-confidence and motivation.

If you've been feeling "stressed for success", I can teach you how to make changes for a more satisfying and rewarding life. Your first visit is free, so please call (414) 777-1757 or e-mail today to schedule your initial -- and completely confidential -- appointment.