By teaching you how to focus your mind, I can give you the power to conquer your fears, overcome your stress, and surpass your goals.

This is not just a self-motivation lecture. My PURSUE EXCELLENCE PROGRAM will help you ignite your personal power and realize your dreams of success -- with confidence!

Whether it is FEAR holding you back, or STRESS causing frustration and errors, my PURSUE EXCELLENCE PROGRAM will teach you how to enhance your personal performance... at home, on the job or at play. By channeling your energies, you can learn to empower your mind to operate at peak performance. You'll be ready to achieve your personal best in each and every endeavor.

My name is Wendy Freitag, Ph.D. I'm a psychologist in private practice who specializes in helping people gain control of their fears, ignite their personal power, hone their mental abilities and achieve their personal best.